Greetings! You’ve reached the second home of Olaenka Chesnokov. The first house is my Second Life business, oOo Studio, where I make poses for singles, couples, and groups. This house is the place I furnish with stories and pictures. The general principle behind this site — it’s niche, if you will — is that every shoe has a story. I have had a love of stories as long as I can remember, and when I decided that this was going to be a shoe blog, it seemed natural to tell stories here as well. What stories there are and will be are what I think suit a particular mood or just the nature of the picture and the shoes in it.

At present, I don’t blog for any shoe brands, and I don’t necessarily do posts in time with new arrivals or event releases, I just tell the stories of shoes either as I come across them, or as they show me their soles (ha!). If you’re interested in having a pair of shoes featured, please let me know. I’m always happy to listen!

Regarding the poses on the site: I’m trying very hard to make a note when I use commercially available (mine!) poses. If there is not a pose credited, it’s safe to assume I made it specifically for the picture. I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do with those that do manage to make it all the way to upload status. If you have suggestions, feel free to IM me in-world.



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