Red Shoe Diary

I don’t know how long I had been waiting. I had followed the trail of red rose petals left from the entry, up the stairwell and into the sitting area. Usually there was a lot more furniture in here than there was tonight, but I stood at the window gazing out over the rooftops and watching the moon float by in the cloudless sky, the stars twinkling in the distance.

“Don’t move,” he said softly, closing the door. He did something in the space, and then I heard the soft rustle of the leather as he sat down in the chair behind me. I stood still at the window, seeing outlines of the room behind me reflected in the glass. My heartbeat had quickened since he arrived, I realized, and I was uncertain whether it was my own body’s reaction, or if the room had become markedly warmer. “It’s a lovely dress, Isabella,” he said a moment later. “Take it off.”

I gulped, and my hands began to tremble as I reached back with both arms to hold the fabric and pull the zipper, first at the top, then at the middle of my back, drawing the warm fabric forward and slipping my arms out, then shifting slightly and wiggling to get the tight-fitting satin down off my hips. We were on a high enough floor that there were very few windows visible to see me here, and the light behind me was faint, lit only by candles, but it was intimidating to be standing in front of the tall glass wearing only lingerie.

“Now the bra,” he said, his voice huskier this time. His tone was expectant, but not demanding. He knew me well enough to know that it might take me a moment, but I would oblige him. He made the spaces safe; he filled his requests with eroticism and indulged his desires for visual beauty.

I removed the expensive bit of lace and fabric and let it fall to the floor, letting my hands fall to the side rather than covering myself as I was inclined to do.

“Panties, too,” he purred. I lowered them, realizing as I did it how warm they had become. I stood upright again, stretching my palms to try to ease my own tension.

“Come sit,” he said finally, when I was feeling the cool of the glass making my nipples rise. The candles now ringed the empty chair, while his own seat was hidden in darkness, the lights barely casting a glow far enough to make out hints of his body as he sat.

I sat gingerly, the polished leather cool against my bare bottom, which quickly heated the chair to match my own temperature. He rose, prowling along the candle’s perimeter, then moving behind me, blindfolding me with soft satin I imagined was red, like I was wearing. And then he touched me, stroking my skin, easing my limbs into shapes as he wanted them, posing me. I arched my back over the arm of the chair as he held my breasts in his warm hands and eased me backward. He rubbed along my thighs, brushing the insides of them with gentle touches, lifting my legs and placing them just so. His warm fingertips pressed between my legs for just a moment, and I imagined he was confirming his own suspicions about how his touches were affecting me.

“Hold very still now,” he said. The click of his camera once, twice, three times and another. I held back a shiver. The photography didn’t bother me, he did that for a living. I wondered, tried to picture what I looked like before him. He moved close, kissing me hard, squeezing my thigh in his hand. “Good, now we’re ready to begin,” he whispered against my lips.

Featured shoe: Reign Madness Pumps by KenadeeCole

Other details:

  • Skin: Pink Fuel Morgana in Vanilla by Mochi Milena
  • Body: Maitreya Lara by Onyx LeShelle
  • Lingerie: Erratic Valentina in Crimson by Erratic Rain

Scene details:

  • Blue Sky Divinity Chair in Black by Luca Python
  • MudHoney Lenore Rug by Ravyn Hynes
  • HAIKEI Warm&Natural Skybox by qo0op (gacha item)
  • Pose by me


“I must go where I am invited, or I should be too lonely. Why not come with me?”

Archer felt that at any cost he must keep her beside him, must make her give him the rest of her evening. Ignoring her question, he continued to lean against the chimney-piece, his eyes fixed on the hand in which she held her gloves and fan, as if watching to see if he had the power to make her drop them.

Archer felt that at any cost he must keep her beside him, must make her give him the rest of her evening. Ignoring her question, he continued to lean against the chimney-piece, his eyes fixed on the hand in which she held her gloves and fan, as if watching to see if he had the power to make her drop them.

“May guessed the truth,” he said. “There is another woman—but not the one she thinks.”

Ellen Olenska made no answer, and did not move. After a moment he sat down beside her, and, taking her hand, softly unclasped it, so that the gloves and fan fell on the sofa between them.

She started up, and freeing herself from him moved away to the other side of the hearth. “Ah, don’t make love to me! Too many people have done that,” she said, frowning.

The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton

Featured shoes: Purple Moon Titania Sandals in Red by Poulet Koenkamp

Her details:

  • Head: Catwa Annie by Catwa Clip
  • Eyes: Mayfly Luminous in Deep Paris Shadow by Arkesh Baral
  • Skin: Glam Affair Denis 10 in Polar by Aida Ewing (gacha item)
  • Lipstick: Deetalez High Gloss Appliers for Catwa Heads  by Steffi Villota
  • Body: Maitreya Lara by Onyx LeShelle
  • Hair: Runaway Margaery Hair by Candela Kira
  • Dress: Purple Moon Drew Gown Xmas Edition by Poulet Koenkamp
  • Necklace: Minimal Swift Necklace in gold by Ors Quan
  • Hands and Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands in Flat and Casual; High Feet by Siddean Munro
  • Manicure: Hello Dave in Rich Reds by Maia Gasparini

His details:

  • Head: Catwa Jackson by Catwa Clip
  • Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes in Green Tourmaline Shadow by Arkesh Baral
  • Skin: L’Etre Marcus Skin in Cotton by David Cooper (dam1710)
  • Body: Slink Physique Male Mesh Body by Siddean Munro
  • Hair: Exile High and Dry Naturals by Kavar Cleanslate
  • Jacket: Kauna XIV Double Breasted Jacket in Black by Ross Myhre
  • Shirt: Kauna Tuxedo XIV Shirt in White by Ross Myhre
  • Bow Tie: Kauna Tuxedo XIV Accessories in Paisley B&W by Ross Myhre
  • Pants: Syn Frank Pants by Synystercreator
  • Shoes: Deadwool Dandy Shoes in Black by Masa Plympton

Scene details:

  • HAIKEI Dusky White Skybox by QoOop
  • The Loft Claryon Curtains in White by Nardya Rousselot
  • Fancy Decor ‘Triumphal Entry’ Print by Jake Vordun
  • Fancy Decor ‘Diana the Evening’ Print by Jake Vordun
  • PILOT Romantic Candlesticks in Silver b Kaz Nayar
  • NOMAD Gustavian Armchair by Piraiyah Novikov (gacha item)
  • NOMAD Amore Desk by Piraiyah Novikov (gacha item)
  • NOMAD Amore Chandelier by Piraiyah Novikov (gacha item)
  • AF Calla Lilies by Apple Fall (gacha item)
  • AF Carved Corbel Shelf by Apple Fall
  • Studio Skye Enchanted Woods v2 -8 (3 group) by Alex Bader
  • Pose by me, Invitation (unreleased)