Indigo Heart

I first saw her at Palindrome, the skating rink on the east side of town. Her hair was blowing behind as she sped around the skating rink. She looked sleek, powerful, a little bit dangerous, and a whole lot of gorgeous. I held my breath as I watched from the balcony while she wove through the crowd on the rink. She gave a few head nods as she passed people who seemed to know her, but she never acknowledged anyone first. Everything about her said that she was beholden only to herself, completely free from all the little social cues and conventions that stifled others. I’m sure I painted a lot of that onto her personality as she whizzed past, but I’d make adjustments when I met her, and that became my sole purpose for my evening.

I wove my way through the crowds on the ramp down from the balcony, skidding around the corners and holding onto the rails, my bag hitting my hip as I slid down the last bit of the descent and onto the main floor. I hoped she was still on the rink as I wobbled my way across the carpet, which had been worn smooth by thousands of skates trying to cross this very route. Music thrummed in my ears, the beat making it feel like my pulse was matching the bass tones.

I waited about ten minutes, and then she swung wide on the rink. I moved just enough to one side and she crashed right into me. I went down beneath her, the breath knocked out of me with a whoosh. She was pressed against the full length of me, making my head spin a little bit. Her eyes were even more amazing up close. Then she was up, rising gracefully and offering her hand to pull me up.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. I took her hand and she hauled me to my feet.

“Totally my fault,” I said shyly, wanting desperately to look into her eyes again, but getting distracted somewhere around her lips and the glossy red shine on them that was reflecting a thousand lights from the disco balls hanging around the room. “I’m Lindsey,” I said, finally looking into her eyes.

“Indigo Heart,” she said, smiling slightly. I wondered if this was the smile of indulgence she gave to people who couldn’t resist staring at her… like I was. “Nice to meet you. Sorry again.”

Just like that, Indigo Heart faded into the crowd.

I’d find her again, I thought. And I did.


Featured shoe: N-Core Skates in White by Claire Messenger

Other details:

  • Skin: Pepe Khadijah in Espresso by pepehair
  • Makeup: Pepe Khadijah Lips in Red Gloss by pepehair
  • Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes in Aged bronze by Arkesh Baral
  • Body: Maitreya Lara by Onyx LeShelle
  • Bodysuit: Blueberry Lida in Beige by Blueberryxx
  • Necklace: Minimal Necklace ABC in Gold by Ors Quan
  • Hair: Unorthodox Thunda Afro by Tonio Harmison

Scene details:

  • Pilot Double Disco Ball by Kaz Nayar
  • Poses by me